The only solution that allows you to manage and issue shopping vouchers, simply and automatically!


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Shopping voucher with just one click!

  • Simple and immediate activation
  • Real-time monitoring of the paid vouchers
  • Summaries of the shopping vouchers used
  • No investment, neither hardware nor software
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Shopping voucher with just one click!

  • Voucher identified by QR Code
  • Receipt of the voucher by e-mail or text message
  • Coupon balance in real time
  • Complete list of affiliated exhibitors
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Shopping voucher with just one click!

  • Simple and intuitive application
  • Real-time transaction reporting
  • Dedicated personal area
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A unique proposal based on a simple smartphone application

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Simple to use, with numerous features

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Enough with the paper vouchers. Adopt an innovative and modern solution.

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Use the camera to frame the beneficiary's QR Code

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Add new beneficiaries, check the consumption of the voucher. Add new funds.

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Activate and deactivate new users. Accept payment of shopping vouchers and use reports to report your municipality.

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